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Welcome to “Better Wedding Music!”

Better Wedding Music was created out of a desire to have high-quality professional musicians playing the type of music that caters to the couple’s lifestyle. 

My name is Kevin Misajon.  I’m a full-time musician and recording artist.  I write songs for my own original project:  Kevin Miso, as well as produce music for TV, film, and independent licensing projects. 

Recently, my wife and I got married at a beautiful location, The Harborside Grand Ballroom, in Newport Beach.  Through the process I realized how gravely important music can be for such a momentous and special event, as well as how personal the planning process can become.  Luckily for us, my Dad has been in a cover band for the last 30 years, so our music decision was pretty easy!  However, we understand that you or your loved ones may not have that luxury.  That is where Better Wedding Music comes in!

We (my wife and I) are at the age now, where tons of our friends and family are getting married as well.  What started out as a convenient option for family and friends to hire me for the music portion for their wedding, has blossomed into a boutique wedding music entertainment company.

I personally only take on 3-4 weddings per month, so as to give proper attention to my clients.  We offer full-service entertainment production, which means everything from basic acoustic accompaniment (for Wedding Ceremonies) to full-band and DJ packages (for Wedding Receptions). 

I sit down with each couple (or parents of the couples, wedding planners, etc.), and I make sure that all the basic “stress points” are covered (i.e. time outline, setup, wardrobe, etc) and then try to focus on what “type” of music the couple is really into.  The wedding is NOT about me, or the band, it’s about the bride and groom.  Actually, it’s really about the bride!  Haha.

On the next few pages, you will see my prices, testimonials of past clients, and referrals to other vendors for photography, videography, and even other types of music.  I wish you the best in your planning; and if you choose us for your entertainment portion, the one thing I can assure you, is that it will be Better Wedding Music than you’re used to!

Feel free to contact me at with any inquiries.

I appreciate your interest.



“We had several people call us the next morning to exclaim, ‘Best wedding ever’ and ‘That band was amazing; not a single person was sitting down!’” 

-Kristin Boyle, Bride

January, 2011

About “Better Wedding Music”

Kevin was very focused on making sure that he provided the service that we wanted.  Kevin was very flexible to every idea I brought up and was very responsive to any questions I had.  He played and sang beautifully at the wedding.  Everyone from coworkers, family and friends, were and are still commenting on how great he was. 

-Monica Biggs, Bride

April, 2013

Kevin isn't your normal wedding band, they take a very personal approach to planning for your big day and make sure they include music you REALLY want to hear.

-James Brennan, Groom

January, 2008

Not only did he learn all of the first dance songs at our request, he performed them better than the original artists and made the experience so personal and special.

-Erica Kurowski, Bride

November, 2009

We had mulitple people after our wedding rave to us about your natural talent and ability to put your own twist on classic songs.

-Erin Smith, Bride

August, 2009

He was reliable, brought all of the necessary equipment and I did not have to worry about a thing.  He had it handled.

-Jennifer Frye, Bride

August, 2010

You were absolutely amazing!  Every time I watch the little video clip from the ceremony I cry when I hear you sing Jack Johnson's ‘Angel’

-Heather Giordani, Bride

August, 2010